The Gas Station Expert

We Can Sell Your Gas Station - This is how:

Large Buyer Base - We work only with qualified buyers. This will ensure that the buyers that we bring to your gas station are not "tire-kickers" but are prepared to make an offer on a gas station they like.

Confidentiality - At your request, we handle the sale of your gas station with full confidentiality. This includes having the buyer sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and exercising discretion when advertising or promoting the sale of your gas station.

Negotiations - We will guide you in the negotiations process. This process can be tedious if you are inexperienced at this. We are highly trained at negotiating these sales and does this frequently. We will explain legal details, proper positioning and other matters to ensure that the sale of your gas station is a good experience.

No Up-Front Fees - There are no up-front fees to you. We are paid by you with a percentage of the total sale of the gas station at closing, excluding inventories, and only then.

Free Marketing Package and Advertising - We will develop an "Offering Memorandum" that will be used to market your gas station. This will include a summary of results, history, technical data, and pictures. Your station will be advertised nation and worldwide at no cost to you.

Help Determining Price - We will provide you with the information and tools that will allow you to decide on the competitive asking price of your gas station. We will use a confidential financial analysis based on profits, expenses, payroll, other owner benefits, real estate (if applicable), and key financial points of the gas station.

Our Extensive Experience

We have negotiated many times with Banks, Attorneys, Accountants, Appraisers, Environmental Firms, Inspectors, Buyers and Sellers which gives us the edge to make the sale of your Gas Station a successful one.

The Negotiations

Once we find a buyer that is ready to move forward with the purchase of your gas station, we will follow up with him so that he submits the Purchase Offer. This offer will contain the terms, conditions, and pricing structure of the deal. At this time, the buyer must also put down an earnest money with this offer as a sign of good faith, also known as "escrow deposit".

Upon having a signed contract, we will work with both buyer and seller to put together all the required information and paperwork for the due diligence of books and records and for buyer to apply for a bank loan (if needed), follow up with the bank, coordinate all inspections, communicate with both attorneys, and serve as a liaison with all parties involved to achieve a successful closing.

How do we advertise your gas station for sale?

We promote on the Internet using professional sites such as our own website, Loopnet, CoStar, BizBySell and MLS, to name a few. We send out email blasts on a regular basis with a color brochure describing your gas station to thousands of investors and professionals worldwide. We network with members of trade and professional associations, chambers of commerce, bankers, immigration and other attorneys, etc. We also receive referrals from many types of professionals, but most importantly, from satisfied clients.