The Gas Station Expert

About Our Expertise on Gas Stations

We coordinate, serve as intermediaries, investigate and follow up on the transaction, but most importantly we coordinate and track:

  • Supply Agreement - What are the terms and length?
  • Trend of fuel prices and pool margins
  • Financial analysis of results to determine the CAP rate and the Cash on Cash return
  • Credit Card charges and payroll analysis
  • What factors have influenced the volume for the gas, store, deli, car wash, etc.?
  • Traffic count and Demographics?
  • Subleases on the property?
  • What is the general and local market outlook?
  • Are there any planned road changes?
  • Does the property have any existing right of way reservations?
  • Is the station on an area of restricted zoning or a zoning moratorium on petroleum facilities?
  • Does the station have compliant tanks, piping and monitoring systems?
  • Insurance cost and coverage evaluation
  • Support and consulting services on the selection of the bank and on the application for the loan
  • Follow up on the gathering and distribution of all needed documentation for inspections and due diligence
  • We act as a intermediaries with owner, buyer, banks, attorneys, accountants, appraisers and environmental firms in order to make sure that the transaction flows smoothly
  • Follow up on all licenses and permits needed to operate the business
  • Successful completion of the transaction
  • After closing we will be reachable for any pending matters or advice on the operation of the business

About Javier A. Rodriguez

  • Proven track record and experience with the sales and purchase of many gasoline stations in Southeast Florida
  • Experienced with troubled assets, foreclosed, bank owned, REO properties
  • Sound professional advice provided throughout the complex negotiation process in order to achieve the most advantageous price, terms, and conditions
  • Experienced working and negotiating with:
    • Local or foreign investors - multilingual
    • Attorneys, accountants, bankers, appraisers, environmental firms and other professionals
    • Gasoline suppliers
    • Financial Institutions including acquisitions of Promissory Notes
    • Environmental firms
  • Successful completion of sales and purchase of a very large gas stations in Southeast Florida
  • Overall expertise covers Gas Stations with Convenience Stores, Service and Repair Shops and Car Washes.

Education & Languages

  • Industrial Management, University of Miami
  • University level programs in Finance
  • Director - Dixon Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish - Conversational in Portuguese, Italian and German

Before selling or buying, please contact Javier A. Rodriguez for sound professional advice

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